Work hard? Make play a priority!

You know when I bring you the yellow, raggity tennis ball and shove it in your lap? Usually this is when you have just pulled on your favorite holey sweatpants and that t-shirt that is supposed to look like a tuxedo – I think it says “1986 prom committee on the back.” Anyway, I know what you are thinking “I just got home, I need to relax!” I’m not trying to keep you from the latest episode of House of Cards – you know your eyes glaze over when you stare at that thing. You know that, right? Rather, I’m trying to show you a better way to decompress from a long day at work. Play! Play! Play!  Continue reading

Want more friends? Easy, just wag!

We all struggle from time to time with making and keeping friends. Did you know there are some sure fire things you can do to bring more friends into your pack? I just smell more backsides, which may not work for you. But you can take a cue from your canine companion. Take my friend Toby, who by the way has more friends than peach farmer at harvest time! Oooh now I’m hungry! Num, num peach pie! Where was I? Oh yes, Toby. His K9 friend, Glory the Labrador, frequently uses her backside (no sniffing silly) to remind Toby about appreciation. Continue reading